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There is an island with a forest, where many funghi lives.
Every day, funghi picks up ingredients to make their food.
Such a peaceful life, but also getting tired of eating the same dish everyday!
Now, they decided to go on a little walk to find a new recipe...!

Funghi and its friends found a beautiful stone.
And a secret is hidden there in this stone.
Let's go for a little walk to find new recipes and the secret of the beautiful stone.

About the GameEdit

"Walk-A-Funghi" was released on November 20, 2014. The Japanese title is "なめこのおさんぽ".

It's the 5th game in the series, where this time the gameplay is completely different from the first 4 games. This game's style and gameplay are based on Mogumon.

Let's lure many funghi and go on a little walk with them!!
Now Funghi and its friends are out of "Garden"!!
Totally different app of Funghi is now available!!

Funghi and its friends go on a little walk!!
Let's take Funghi to the destination indicated on the map!!
Walks become more fun with together with more friends!
They will pick up the ingredients on their walk.

Lure different Funghi!
Make the Food from the picked ingredients.
You can use Foods to lure other new Funghi!!
The kinds of lured Funghi depends on the food.
Let's find many friends and go on a walk!!

Food can be used in many ways
The use of Food is not limited to "Lure" funghi!
Feeding the food to funghi will increase the collectable number of ingredients.
Bringing the food as a Lunch will extend the time of walk.

Complete the Libraries
Two Library are in the game.
Let's complete both "Funghi Library" and "Food Library"!

Promotion VideoEdit

Walk-A-Funghi PV

Walk-A-Funghi PV


The game is available as a free download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Location Map & QuestsEdit

Walk-A-Funghi - Ingredient Library

Ingredient Library

Order # Location Name Pick-able (Chance)(Type) Pick Cycle Quest
1 Log Forest Bread (★★★)Basket
Meat (★★)Basket
Egg (★★)Basket
0:01:30 Take a Walk
2 Mucin Sea Fish (★★★)Basket
Shrimp (★★)Basket
Clam (★★)Basket
Seaweed (★)Basket
0:02:00 When Going Dry
3 Slippery Town Flour (★★★)Bag
Rice (★★★)Bag
Soy Sauce (★)Bottle
0:02:30 That's a Gourmet?
4 Damp Cave Onion (★★)Basket
Cheese (★★)Basket
Potato (★★)Basket
Carrot (★★)Basket
0:03:00 Taste the World
5 Fluffy Garden Lettuce (★★)Basket
Tomato (★★)Basket
Spice (★★)Bag
Honey (★)Bottle
Pumpkin (★)Basket
0:03:30 Dig Here Nnf Nnf
6 Chilly Outland Sugar (★★)Bag
Cheese (★★)Basket
Carrot (★★)Basket
Milk (★)Bottle
Plum (★★)Basket
0:10:00 Melancholy of Aurora
7 Nnf Nnf Land Fruit (★)Basket
Milk (★★★)Bottle
Soy Sauce (★★)Bottle
Egg (★★)Basket
0:07:00 See the Rainbow
# Ver.1.1.0 Update New Year 01/08/15 Rise and Shine
8 Ver.1.2.0 Update
Sweets Town
Chocolate (★★)Basket
Fruit (★★)Basket
Sugar (★★)Bag
Bean (★)Basket
0:06:00 Home Sweet Home
9 Ver.1.3.0 Update
Blanket Blossom
Cabbage (★★)Basket
Meat (★★)Basket
Egg (★★)Basket
0:06:00 Slumbering Spring
10 Ver.1.4.0 Update New Story 04/16/15 The Lost Yeti
11 Ver.1.5.0 Update New Story 05/14/15 Forgotten Clue
12 Ver.1.6.0 Update New Story 06/09/15 Ignorance is Bliss
13 Ver.1.7.0 Update

Gourmet Mansion

Tasty Shroom (★)Basket

Bean (★★)Basket

Seaweed (★★)Basket

Honey (★★)Bottle

Pumpkin (★★)Basket

06/23/15 Oh Lonesome Meat