Twins is one of the common variation of Funghi. Not to be confused with Couply.


Appears to be a Funghi that are two Funghis connected to each other.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden
"Twins! How cute!
Unfortunately, they
don't get along."
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
"Twins don't have to
always get along.
They both think,
"I'm the cool one."
"How sad, like a sideshow act whose jokes all fall flat. 2☆ for this guy."
NEO Mushroom Garden
"Both share the same birthday,
but only gets one present.
"It's mine this year!""
Theme Comments
Fantastic Fest : "They are going to fight who gets it."
Funghi Circus : "Dislikes each other, but works well."
Riverside Camping : "Makes a perfect 360 turn."
Tohato Paradise : "POTECO or NAGEWA. Which do you like?"

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Bi-polar
  • Skill : Self Comedy Skit
  • Favorite Line : Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Favorite Place : Cheery Garden
  • Charm Point : Are Identical Twins
  • Weak Point ; The Middle
  • Wishes : Separation
  • Worries : Shares Same Problem


  • Twins Mushroom Garden Deluxe Halloween Costume and Funghi Circus theme.
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