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A pink funghi with swirls on its cheeks and a flower with leaves growing on its head. It holds two pink cherry blossom branches.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden Seasons

"It's like SO warm!
With like flowers
and stuff! Awesome!"
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
"Spring is so warm! Let's
take all of our clothes off!

Oh shoot, cops!

NEO Mushroom Garden

"It's spring around him all year long. So he does not know there is a concept called "Season.""

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Optimistic
  • Skill : Fastens Blossom
  • Favorite Line : Mad March Winds
  • Favorite Place : In the Sun
  • Charm Point : Swirl on the Cheek
  • Weak Point : Cold
  • Does Daily : Bloom Flower
  • Favorite Story : The Secret Garden

Gallery Edit

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