It looks like a Gray alien from outer space. It has wide black eyes, round mouth, long arms and a curl on its head.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden

"Came from space. Won't invade. Don't worry."

Mushroom Garden Deluxe

"Once abducted a cow
since he wanted fresh milk.
Later came back and
raised a cow himself.

Neo Mushroom Garden

"Came to earth 3 years ago, to scout ahead for mass invasion. Now it's enjoying the new life here."
Theme Comments
Nightly Clouds : "It's usually him you see over Area 51."

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Diligent
  • Skill : Party Leader
  • Favorite Line : Do as romans do
  • Favorite Place : Nebula M87
  • Charm Point : Tip of the head
  • Weak Point : Dog
  • Likes : Go Drinking
  • Likes : Pork Cutlet