Mushroom Garden Seasons is the 2nd game in the Mushroom Garden series. It was released by Beeworks Games for iOS in December 2011 with an Android version released in late March 2012. The original release came only with the Snow log/devices and funghi, this has been followed by several updates with new seasonal log/devices and fughi:

  • In February 2012 there was an update including the Valentines log/devices and funghi.
  • In April 2012 there was an update including the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) log/devices and funghi.
  • In June 2012 there was an update including the Rain log/devices and funghi.
  • Most recently in August 2012 there was an update including the Four Seasons log/devices and funghi.

Differences from OriginalEdit

As opposed to the original game Seasons only has a single variety of Log, which changes appearance when different seasonal are equipped.

Seasons also has multiple different "flavours" of NP relating to the seasons (currently Snow, Love, Petal and Rain).

Seasons does not have Mold as a part of the game.

Seasons adds special wallpapers usable on your iOS/Android device which can be purchased in game using NP.

Seasons has a singular Library but different funghi are only able to be grown while using the right seasonal devices.

  • Seasons #1 Snow (Japanese)