Located in the Garden logs are at the center of the action in the games, it is on the logs that the Funghi (and sometimes Mold) grow.

Original GameEdit

In the Original Game there are 4 different logs the original (0NP, a normal log), the second (2000NP, mold resistant), the third (10000NP, susceptible to mold but higher chance of rare Funghi) and the fourth (24000NP, speeds funghi growth and higher chance of rare Funghi).


In Mushroom Garden Seasons there is only the one log, but its appearance alters according to which seasonal devices are in use.


In Mushroom Garden Deluxe there are currently four logs all of which begin at level 1: the normal log (max level 40, after break-through is 60), the high quality log (max level 30, after break-through is 50), the rough log (max level 20, after break-through is 40), the special Color Fest Event - the Colorful Log (max level 70), the Halloween Event - HalloweenLog (max level 80), the Christmas event - FirLog (max level 30), and the Valentine's Day event - ChocoLog (max level 50). All of the logs have their own unique qualities and can grow unique species of Funghi.