The heat lamp is a device to create an environment for rare Funghi to Grow.

Original GameEdit

In the original game there are 10 different levels of Heat Lamps.


In Seasons there are 4 different Heat Lamps for each season, currently totalling 20.


In Deluxe there are currently 18 different Heat Lamps (10 similar to those in the original game) with all after the first 10 having been added through events, with most of them being unlockable through the completion of event related requests or through secret word.  It is presently unknown how the effectiveness of those outside the first 10 compare to each other.  Currently, a list of the requests or secret words needed to unlock all of them is not present. The Ultimate Lamp (64 lux) is the best, with the Paper Lantern (56 lux) being second best, and all but the Pumpkin Lamp in the free equipment are the 3rd best (48 lux), with the Lvl 10 Lamp being 4th (46 lux).