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This wikia is devoted to information about the Mushroom Garden series of Funghi Gardening game apps by Beeworks Games. The wikia was established on August 24, 2012 by Sir Machius. Please be patient as more information is gradually being added. If you have questions about the wikia/games or want to help, please feel free to contact the admin, Namster2k about what needs to be done.


The complete Mushroom Garden Deluxe Request log is up!

About the GamesEdit

The Mushroom Garden series is a spinoff from the Touch Detective app game. The apps are available for both iOS and Android. The basic game play involves growing, then collecting various unusual species of mushrooms from a log and upgrading the tools such as the Heat Lamp, Humidifier and Warmer in order to better be able to grow a greater variety of different mushrooms. There are currently 6 different apps in the series:

Order # Icon Title Description Release Date Developer Homepage
1 Mushroom Garden Mushroom Garden The original game in the series. Jun 15, 2011 Homepage
2 Seasons Mushroom Garden Seasons Based around various seasons such as Christmas. Nov 20, 2011 Homepage
3 Deluxe Mushroom Garden Deluxe Adds new downloadable "events". Jul 20, 2012 Homepage
4 Neo NEO Mushroom Garden Adds the ability to collect items and customize food. Apr 9, 2014 Homepage
5 Walk-A-Funghi Icon Walk-A-Funghi Take the funghi out to walk for a totally new gameplay experience. Nov 19, 2014 Homepage
6 NamekoNest Funghi's Den Help the Funghi build a home! Develop it into a city! Mar 13, 2017 Homepage