Flammy is one of the Mutant funghi in the original game.


A darker version of Funghi with flaming eyes.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden

"Roasted by his own burning passion. Very hot-blooded."
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
"So passionate he's
actually roasted.
Roasted nicely,
but kinda stinky...

NEO Mushroom Garden

"Always on fire that never goes away. Other funghi are making up urban legends on how to put out the flame."
Theme Comments
Carp Streamer: "Excited by the festival!"
Riverside Camping: "Need a light?"

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Hot Temper
  • Skill : Ignite
  • Favorite Line : Light it up
  • Favorite Place : On the Grill
  • Charm Point : Has the Fire
  • Weak Point : Extinguisher
  • Likes it : Well Done
  • Respects : Tennis Player

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